WE DELIVER Strategic Business & Financial Management Solutions

Capital Management Business LLC focuses on providing strategic business and financial management solutions to both the private sector and the federal government.

Strategic business and financial management refers to the specific planning of the usage and management of your organization, and of the financial resources needed to attain its objectives. The CMB Team of subject-matter experts (SMEs) will first define your business objectives, determine your short-term and long-term business goals, and identify and quantify your resources. Then the CMB Team will generate a plan for utilizing finances and other resources to achieve your goals, establish procedures for collecting and analyzing variance between budgeted and actual results to identify gaps, and provide the appropriate corrective actions.

CMB Mission

Provide cost-effective, innovative, strategic business and financial management solutions to enhance the quality of your business and reporting requirements.

CMB Vision

Deliver the best-value service to our customers, based on creating business and financial model solutions for their investment portfolios. Assist with earned value management (EVM), the best return on investment (ROI), realizing risks before they become issues, implementing corrective action quality assurance techniques, and SMART performance metrics.

S= Specific

M= Manageable

A= Achievable

R= Reliable

T= Timely